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  2. Bit of an exaggeration, but still an element of truth.  From my perspective, if he’s got self-confidence and a dick he wants serviced, he’s a Real Man and therefore attractive.

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  3. An oral iv of faggot medicine.

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  4. spit sluts
    spit sluts
    spit sluts
    spit sluts
    spit sluts

    One way spit swapping.

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  5. Men call it piss, faggots call it champagne.

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  6. Damn that piss looks good.

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  7. Don’t worry faggot, it won’t damage anything important.

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  8. It pays to advertise.

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  9. inferior39:

    “Executive Urinal”

    Personally, this is my faggot dream job.

  10. Would it be improper to drink a man’s piss from a hairy faggot’s ass?

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  11. To me, this is an erotic kiss between Master and Slave.

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  13. That’s an awesome urinal setup.

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  14. This is, um, hot.

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  15. Ash, ass, what’s the difference.

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